Track & Field Information

Though we still have a week remaining in our basketball season, I wanted to go ahead and post some information relative to our track season.  

*Each track athlete (except shot/discus) will need to supply their own WHITE compression shorts or tights to be worn in meets.  They must be white in order to meet the uniform standard required in track.  Some may want to wait to see if they will be going to the meets before purchasing,

*We have quite a few track spikes but athletes may provide their own spikes if they choose.  Sprinters and jumpers need spikes.  We do not have many “flats” or running shoes for workouts or distance runners so we encourage each athlete to supply their own.  All athletes will also need these for offseason after track season is complete.

*Track practice will begin at 7:45 am each morning and we will also practice after school for athletes involved in hurdles or field events.  Athletes should be ready to be picked up by 5:00 unless informed otherwise.

*Track events are limited to 3 participants per school with each athlete being allowed to compete in up to 5 events.  

*For most meets, we leave before school is out and the meets do not conclude until anywhere from 8:00 – 10:00 pm depending on the number of teams entered in the meet.  For this reason, it is suggested that athletes either bring money for the concession stand or snacks from home to eat at the meet.  

*Athletes will be notified of the events they will be participating in at least 1 day prior to the meet.  Our track schedule is posted at the top of the blog.

*Our first after school track practice will be Wednesday, Feb. 2.

*I will post additional information once track season begins.