Basketball Information

  1.  Basketball practice will begin on Monday, Nov. 12.  Players must be on the court by 7:00 am
  2.  Unless specified otherwise, all basketball practices will begin at 7:00 am
  1.  Any player that is eligible under the guidelines of our 7th grade athletic policy may play basketball…we do not cut players.  However, due to gym space, coach to player ratio, and lack of “B” teams from other schools on our schedule, players that are not on the “A” or “B” team (top 18 players) will only workout from 7:00 am – 7:45 am. These players not in the top 18 will go to offseason at 7:45 am. The top 18 players will have basketball workout from 7:00 am – 8:20 am.
  1.  The top 18 players is reevaluated each week.  However, the starting point for the top 18 will be based on the  basketball workouts that were done last year in 6th grade PE since we only have 1 week between our last football game and our first basketball game.
  1.  As stated above, some of the teams on our schedule do not have “B” teams.  However, we will play an intrasquad (combined with 8th grade) “B” game each night that we play at home.  This game will be after the 8th grade “A” game.
  1.  Basketball players are encouraged to provide their own basketball shoes.  These shoes are requested to be predominantly WHITE. Players will keep their basketball shoes in their locker during the week.  These shoes should not be worn as school shoes or offseason shoes in order to help maintain the condition of our gym floors. During the 1st week of basketball, players will be allowed to wear their school shoes to practice, if desired, so they will have a week to evaluate whether or not they want to participate in basketball.  After 1 week, all basketball players will be required to have basketball shoes. We have a very limited supply of basketball shoes but players that cannot provide their own shoes need to make arrangements with Coach Boyett to borrow a pair.
  1.  The 7th & 8th grade travel to basketball games together so we will always stay for the 8th grade game.  Players are required to ride to and from games on the bus unless prior approval has been made with Coach Boyett
  1.  We do not have mandatory practices on days that we are not in school.  

Open Week Schedule

Monday             7:55 am      (Fitness Gram)

Tuesday            7:55 am      (Fitness Gram)

Wednesday       7:55 am      (Fitness Gram)

Thursday           7:30 am

Friday                7:30 am

Gladewater Game Times

The following will be the order of play for Thursday, Oct. 25 at Gladewater:

4:00            7th & 8th “B” Games (played simultaneously on opposite end of field)

4:30            7th “A” Game

6:00            8th “A” Game

7:30            JV Game

*Our “B” game is starting at 4:00 due to the JV game being moved from White Oak to Gladewater

Monday weather

Due to the likelihood of inclement weather on Monday morning, all football players need to wear or bring shoes that can be worn on the gym floor in the event we end up having practice in the gym.

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Football Pictures

Any inquiries about the timeline for the delivery of football pictures need to be directed to Mr. Peery.  I will pass them out as soon as they are delivered.

Oct. 18 vs. Mineola

The following will be the order of play for Thursday, Oct. 11 at White Oak vs. Mineola:

4:30             7th & 8th Combined “B” Intrasquad Game

5:00             7th “A” Game

6:15             8th “A” Game

Mineola does not have enough players for a “B” game so we will combine our 7th and 8th grade “B” team players and play an intrasquad game.  Each team will possess the ball for a 10 minute quarter using a running clock.  As usual, all players will stay for the “A” game as well.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Mineola will be our designated game for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Players will be allowed to wear pink socks during the game on Thursday against Mineola in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  This is not mandatory and players must provide their own pink socks.  Other than socks, there will be no other deviation from our regular game day uniforms.