Practice Times Dec. 10 – 14

Monday                7:00 am (Game at Winona at 5:00 pm; “A” team only)

Tuesday               7:00 am

Wednesday          7:00 am

Thursday              7:00 am

Friday                   7:00 am

Big Sandy Tournament

The bracket for the Big Sandy Tournament which will be held on Saturday, Jan. 13 has been posted in the pages section of the blog.  This tournament will be “A” team only.

Winona Game

Our games at Winona will be played in their Junior High Gym.  All of their school are located on the same campus:

611 Wildcat Dr.

Winona, Tx 75792

Monday, Dec. 10 at Winona

The following will be the order of play for our 7th and 8th grade boys basketball games at Winona on Monday, Dec. 10:

5:00               7th “A” Game
6:00               8th “A” Game
Winona does not have enough players for any type of “B” game.


Parents that would like to bring food to their son on game days (besides the snack provided by the Mom’s club) need to have the food at the school by the time school is out.

Practice Times Dec. 3 – 7

Monday                  7:00 am (Game at WO vs. Troup)

Tuesday                 7:00 am

Wednesday            7:00 am

Thursday                No Workout (UIL competition)

Friday                     7:00 am

Lions Club Tournament

Tenaha has withdrawn from our Lions Club tournament on Saturday.  Consequently, our 7th and 8th grade boys “A” and “B” teams will now compete in the tournament.  As soon as Coach Cloud issues the revised schedule, I will post it.


Beginning Thursday, Nov. 29, the dressing room for offseason athletes will not open until 7:30 am.  All offseason athletes need to remain outside the dressing room until Coach Burks opens the door.

Monday, Dec. 3 vs. Troup

The following is the order of play for our 7th and 8th grade boys basketball for Monday, Dec. 3 at White Oak against Troup:

5:00             7th and 8th Combined “B” Game
5:30             7th “A” Game
6:30             8th “A” Game