Community Pep Rally

Our team will be recognized at the community pep rally on Friday at 8:00.  Players will need to wear a maroon shirt of some type.  Also, just a reminder the tailgate portion of the pep rally will begin at 7:00 pm with $5.00 burgers being sold.  All proceeds go to the White Oak Athletic Booster Club

Friday, Aug. 17

I will not check roll until 7:55.

However, if possible, all football players need to be in the dressing room by 7:30 so we can fit their helmets and shoulder pads.


Football players will be bringing home their mouthpiece on Thursday.  Please make sure to follow the directions on the packaging to insure the mouthpiece fits properly.  The only exceptions to using school issued mouthpieces are braces or some other dental issue which requires a note from the dentist or orthodontist.  Mouthpieces will need to be returned and attached to helmets by workout on Monday, Aug. 20.

Football Fundraiser

Middle School football players will be selling coupon cards as a part of the fundraiser for the football program.  Each player is asked to sell 5 cards ($20 each) by Thursday, Aug. 23.  If they are unable to sell all 5 cards then they will need to return the unsold cards on Aug. 23.  Any player that sells all 5 of their cards prior to Aug. 23 can turn in their money to Coach Boyett.  Otherwise, all money and unsold cards will be taken up on Thursday, Aug. 23

7th grade football players will receive their cards on Thursday, Aug. 16.

Cross Country Meeting & Info

Coach Hutchins-Boyett will have a meeting for any Middle School athletes (Boys & Girls) who are interested in running Cross Country on Monday, Aug. 20 at 7:30 am in the Old Middle School Gym.  I have posted the Cross Country information below:


                                                                            JUNIOR HIGH CROSS COUNTRY

                                                                                     INFORMATION SHEET


  1. Practice will be Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6:20. I will be at the OMS gym by 6:15. We will be finished by 7:10 at the latest. Athletes with morning practices for another sport will be able to run and then head to practice as well. We meet RAIN or SHINE. If your runner is sick and will not make practice please email me at [email protected]. We only meet twice a week, so attendance is very important. If an athlete has more than 3 unexcused absences, they will not run and they will not travel with the team. They should wear athletic type shirts, no tank tops, and shorts. If they want to wear the school-issued athletic clothes that is alright. I prefer they wear light-colored tops (no black or maroon) so they are more visible. In the past, runners have worn school-issued shorts and a light colored top and changed on their way to their next practice.


  1. Please make sure your runner eats something when they get up in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a large meal but it is good to have something in their stomach. I have included a list of food suggestions that tend to be “runner friendly”. I will discuss meals and hydration with them. A granola bar, bagel, half of a PB and Jelly sandwich are usually good in the morning. They also need to bring a bottle or thermos of water to practice. They do not Gatorade or any type of sports drink. They won’t be running for long enough to warrant those types of drinks.


  1. We run a total of 2 miles during workouts. We run on wood trails near the school, the practice fields, and on the track. We don’t run on any roads, but stay close to the school. I follow them and have meeting points along their course and the high school runners also will train with them, so they are monitored. I do not have them run a lot of miles in Junior High due to the act they are still developing physically, and they don’t need to get burnt out physically or mentally while they are still young runners. The main objective of the Junior High program is to introduce them to the sport of running, develop character skills, learn to be competitive in all they do by giving their best effort, and represent their team and community.


  1. We will pass out uniforms closer to the first meet. They should wear a running shoe, not a cross trainer, for training and competition. I don’t recommend buying a very expensive shoe. A good pair of running shoes can be purchased at Academy for around $50.00 or less. Some typically brands that have a history of being constructed well and feel good to run in are Asics, New Balance (if you have wide feet), Saucony, and Brooks. Nike shoes are good if you have narrow feet, but surprisingly give a lot of runners problems. If you have questions about shoes you can email me and I’ll help you out.
  2. They will travel to and from the meets on the bus with the High School Cross Country teams. If your runner needs to ride home with you, just let me know ahead of time and write me a note. The team blog will have meet information, times, directions, and meet recaps. I usually have the meet recaps posted by Sunday morning. I post upcoming meet information the Sunday before the meet for that week.



  1. I expect the runners to behave themselves at practice and during meets as well as school. If an athlete is misbehaving or becoming a distraction in any situation, they will be discipline with additional conditioning. If an athlete continually has discipline problems they will be ask to find an activity more suitable to their interests.


Please sign one copy and keep one copy for yourself.


________________________________________                  _________________

Athlete signature date


_______________________________________                    __________________

Parent or Guardian signature date


Practice Times – Aug. 16-17

NOTE: The UIL restricts football season to 80 calendar days.  Consequently, we can not begin practice outside of the athletic period until Tuesday, Aug. 21.

Thursday, Aug. 16             All athletes will report to the Old Middle School Gym when the bell rings for 1st period

Friday, Aug. 17                 *7:55

*Reminder – starting times for practice denote when the athletes should be suited out and ready to begin workout.  I normally arrive at the dressing room 30 minutes prior to workout.

Parent Meeting Notes


  • First day of school players need to report to OMS Gym when bell rings for 1st period.
  • Players will be bringing home a copy of our 7th boys athletic expectations to be signed.
  • Players need to supply their own towel for showers.
  • Players cannot participate in practice until physical has been turned in.
  • Athletes not in football be dressed out by 7:55.


  • Practice starts at 7:00 am unless otherwise noted. No after school practice until track season.
  • Players wear school issued equipment only except for shoes. Exceptions must be cleared through head coach of sport.
  • Players travel to and from games with the team. Exceptions must get prior approval from coach. We do not stay for 8th grade game during football season.  We travel with the 8th grade during basketball and track seasons.
  • If possible, injured players need to see trainer before going to family physician. If possible, get insurance form from me before going to doctor.  During football season, Good Shepherd Medical Center offers a free clinic for football injuries.
  • Players are expected to attend all practices and games. Absences are unexcused without prior notification.
  • Any athlete failing consecutive grade checks will be moved to offseason for the remainder of the grading period. Any athlete failing at least 3 consecutive grade checks will be removed from athletics.


  • Be Responsible – Take Care Of Business
  • Be Accountable – Measure Up
  • Be Disciplined – Do It Right
  • Be Respectful – Everyone Has Value
  • Be Trustworthy –  Integrity Matters


Parent Meeting Reminder

We will have our 7th grade boys parent meeting at 6:00 pm on Thursday, Aug. 9 in the Middle School.  Due to construction, we will meet in Mr. Terry’s classroom which is the first classroom to the right after crossing the intersection located by the trophy cases.  ‘

Daniel Morgan will be speaking for a few minutes on behalf of the White Oak Athletic Booster Club at the beginning of our meeting.

Finally, the meeting is for parent/guardians only so if you need to bring your children, they will need to stay in the fish pond area during our meeting.

I look forward to seeing each of you on Thursday!