Practice Times: Feb. 24 – 28

Monday                       7:45 (track meet at White Oak)

Tuesday                      7:45 & After School until 5:00

Wednesday                 7:45 (Early Release – voluntary practice at 3:45)

Thursday                     7:45

Friday                          7:45

Jr. Roughneck Relays

Date:  Monday, Feb. 24

Location: White Oak

Divisions:   7 Girls, 7 Boys, 8 Girls, 8 Boys

Teams:  Harmony, Hawkins, Sabine, West Rusk, White Oak

Times: Field Events & 2400 will start at 3:30.  Running finals will begin at approximately 5:30

Field Event Order:

Shot – 8B, 7B, 7G, 8G

Discus – 7G, 8G, 8B, 7B

Long Jump (south end) – 8B, 7B, 7G, 8G

Triple Jump (north end) – 7G, 8G, 8B, 7B

High Jump (pit 1) – 8G, 8B

High Jump (pit 2) – 7G, 7B

Pole Vault (pit 1) – 8G, 8B

Pole Vault (pit 2) – 7G, 7B

Running Event Order (approximate time)

4 x 100 Relay                   (5:30)

800                                   (5:40)

110 Hurdles                      (6:00)

100                                   (6:20)

4 x 200                             (6:40)

400                                   (6:50)

300 Hurdles                     (7:10)

200                                  (7:30)

1600                                (7:50)

4 x 400 Relay                  (8:10)


  1. Since this meet is at White Oak, athletes may leave the meet once they have completed all their events and turned in their uniform
  2. Athletes are not allowed to sit in the stands
  3. All times for running events are ESTIMATES in order to help parents that may want to just show up or their son’s event.  THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE PRESENT FOR YOUR SON’S EVENT IS TO BE AT THE MEET WHEN IT STARTS.
  4. Athletes are encouraged to bring a snack or have money for the concession stand.
  5. Final entrees for the meet will be posted in the locker room Friday morning.

Practice Times: Feb. 17 – 21

Monday                     No Workout (school holiday)

Tuesday                    7:45 & After School until 5:00

Wednesday               7:45 & After School until 5:00

Thursday                   7:45 & After School until 5:00

Friday                        7:45 & After School until 4:30

Weather Decisions

During track season, we normally do all of our conditioning during 1st period athletics. If it’s cold/raining we can do our conditioning in the gym.

After school, we work on field events, relays, and hurdles.  If it’s cold/raining we often cannot work on these things.

With Benchmark testing, we do not have 1st period athletics until Friday of this week so we are having to do our track conditioning after school until Friday.  Consequently, if it is raining we will try to find a place inside or under the walk way in front of the school to get our conditioning done.  So, unless the weather gets extremely bad, expect track athletes to still have practice after school on Tuesday and Thursday of this week even if it is raining.

On Wednesday, after school practice will be voluntary.  Athletes that choose to stay to work on hurdles, pole vaulting, or shot/discus will need to wear their own workouts clothes if they choose to practice on Wednesday.  The dressing room will not be open.

Hopefully, this explanation will help to clear up why we may be practicing this week in weather that would normally cause us to cancel practice.

Practice Times: Feb. 10 – 14

*Monday                       After School until 5:00

*Tuesday                      After School until 5:00

*Wednesday                Voluntary After School

*Thursday                    After School until 5:00

Friday                         7:45 & After School

*Monday though Thursday we have Benchmark testing so there will be no 1st period athletics on those 4 days.