Paperwork Packets

Paperwork that needs to be completed for the 2018-19 school year was handed out today.  All paperwork is due by Friday, April 6.

Current 7th grade athletes ARE NOT required to have a physical for next year. However, the medical history portion of the form must be completed.

Practice Times – March 26 – 30

Monday                  7:45 am & **After School

Tuesday                 7:45 am & **After School

Wednesday            7:45 am & **After School

Thursday                7:45 am

Friday                     No Workout (School Holiday)

**After school practice for this week will only be for the athletes competing in Field Events, Hurdles, or Relays at the District Meet.  Entries for the District Meet will be posted on Monday morning.

District Track Meet

Date:  Monday, April 2, 2018

Location: Ore City High School

Divisions: 7th & 8th Boys

Teams:  White Oak, Jefferson, Waskom, Elysian Fields, Beckville, Harleton, New Diana, Ore City

Starting Times:   3:30 (Field Events & 2400)              5:30  (Estimated start for Running Events)

The following is the Order of Events and the ESTIMATED (in parentheses) time that each event will start.  The times are listed as a courteous to parents that would like to watch their son compete but may not want to watch the entire meet. In order to make sure that you do not miss your son’s event, I would suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before the estimated time for the start of each event your son competes in.  The ONLY way to GUARANTEE that you will not miss your son’s event is to show up at the start of the meet and stay until the end of the meet.  This meet should not last as long as our other meets due to it being a boys meet only.  I estimate we will be home between 8:30-9:00.

With this being the district meet, last meet of the season, and finishing earlier than our other meets, I will be requesting all athletes to stay for the entirety of the meet in order to support the team.  However, this is only a request and is not mandatory.

FIELD EVENTS & 2400     (3:30)

2400                                7th/8th                  (3:30)

Shot Put                           7th/8th                  (3:30)

Discus                              8th/7th                  (4:30)

Long Jump                       7th/8th                  (3:30)

Triple Jump                      8th/7th                   (4:30)

High Jump                        7th/8th                   (3:30)

Pole Vault                         8th/7th                   (4:30)



4 x 100 Relay                              (5:30)

800                                              (5:40)

110 Hurdles                                 (5:50)

100                                              (6:05)

4 x 200 Relay                              (6:20)

400                                              (6:30)

300 Hurdles                                 (6:50)

200                                              (7:05)

1600                                            (7:20)

4 x 400 Relay                              (7:45)


Sabine Meet Field Events

The following is the order for the field events at Sabine on Tuesday, March 20.  Field Events and the 2400 will begin at 3:30

Long Jump            8B,7B,8G,7G (Northeast Pit)

High Jump             7G,8G,7B,8B

Triple Jump            8G,7G,7B,8B (Northwest Pit)

Pole Vault              7G,8G,7B,8B

Shot                      8B,7B,8G,7G

Discus                  7G,8G,8B,7B