Practice – Friday, Feb. 23

Due to the strong possibility of inclement weather the next 2 days, we will have after school practice on Friday, Feb. 23.  This was not originally scheduled on the weekly practice schedule that was sent out last Friday.

Track Meet Travel

As in football and basketball, all track athletes are expected to travel with the team and I believe this is vital part of building a “team first” mentality.  However, with track meets lasting until 10:00 pm in some cases, athletes are allowed to leave the meet with their parents once they have completed all of their events if they choose to do so.  If an athlete wants to leave early with their parent, I will need either a note or text message indicating this before we leave for the meet.  Meets get very hectic once they begin so, unless it is an emergency, please do not request to take your son from the meet if you have not made prior arrangements to do so.

Also, the school does not provide meals for middle school athletic events.  Athletes are encouraged to bring something to eat to the meet or bring money for the concession stand at the conclusion of their events.  Each athlete will be provided a bag to carry personal items to the meet.

Sabine Practice Meet – Feb. 22

Teams:  White Oak, Sabine, West Rusk

Divisions: 7th & 8th boys/girls (meet not divided by grade level)

Time: Field Events start at 3:30; Running Events will start after the field events.  My guess is 4:30-5:00.  Having never done a practice meet in this format, I really don’t have a good idea for a finishing time.  My best estimate would be finishing the meet 7:30-8:00.

Purpose:  The intent of this meet is to get times, distances, and heights for each athlete.  The meet is not divided by grade level in order to expedite the meet since there is no limit on the number of participants per event.  There will be no scoring for this meet.

Participants:  Every track athlete that is eligible will be allowed to compete in this practice meet.  In actual meets, we are restricted to 3 people per event with a maximum of 5 events per person.  We normally will take 20-25 athletes to a regular meet.

Events:  Some athletes will be put into events that best suits the team at this point of the season.  With it being very, very early in the season and workouts being limited even further due to inclement weather, these events are definitely just starting points.  Athletes not assigned events will be allowed to choose up to 2 field events and 2 running events they would like to compete in. Athletes will know their events by Wednesday afternoon.

Field Events:  The field events are all conducted at the same time at various parts of the stadium.  The boys will throw the Shot Put first with the girls going first in the discus.  Once completed they will swap events.  At this time, we have not been notified of which group will go first in the Pole Vault, High Jump, Triple Jump, and Long Jump

Running Events:  The running events will be conducted in the following order:

4 x 100 Relay


100 Hurdles (girls)

110 Hurdles (boys)


4 x 200 Relay


300 Hurdles



4 x 400 Relay



Practice Times – Feb. 19-23

Monday                    No practice (school holiday)

Tuesday                   7:45 am & After School

Wednesday              7:45 am & After School

Thursday                  7:45 am (Practice meet at Sabine – 3:30)

Friday                       7:45 am

Track Practice Times – Feb. 13-16

Tuesday                After School until 5:00

Wednesday           After  School until 5:00

Thursday               After School until 5:00

Friday                    7:45 am & After School until 5:00

Harleton Game – Feb. 12

The following will be the order of play for Monday, Feb. 12 at White Oak vs. Harleton:

5:00                   7A Game

6:00                   8A Game

7:00                   7th & 8th “B” combined Intra Squad Game