March Madness Bracket Challenge

Invitations to the 2nd annual 7th grade boys athletics March Madness Bracket Challenge have been emailed to each athlete’s school account.  The title of the group is “7th Roughnecks” and it is through cbs sportsline.  The invitations were sent as a group so it may be necessary to check the spam folder if it was not delivered to the inbox.  Contact me through email or text if anyone has a problem signing up.  Bragging rights on the line!

Sabine Track Meet

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Place: Sabine High School

Divisions: 7G,7B,8G,8B

Time: Field Events – 3:30, 2000 – 4:00, Running Events – 5:30 or at the conclusion of field events


Long Jump…..8B/7B/8G/7G  (NE Pit near Pole Vault)

High Jump….7G/8G/7B/8B

Triple Jump….8G/7G/7B/8B  (NW Pin near home stands)

Pole Vault….7G/8G/7B/8B




4 X 100 Relay


110 Hurdles


4 X 200 Relay


300 Hurdles



4 X 400

I would anticipate the meet being over around 10:00 pm.  Athletes competing in field events only may leave with their parents after their event should they choose.  Please give me advance notice if you plan to take your son home after his field event.  I would suggest sending a snack with your son or money for the concession stand along with a bottle of water.

Practice Times March 18 – 22

Monday                  No Workout (Teacher Inservice)

Tuesday                 7:45 am (Sabine track meet at 3:30)

Wednesday            7:45 am & After School Until 5:00

Thursday                7:45 am

Friday                     7:45 am & After School Until 5:00

Spring Break

The High School will have track practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during spring break from 1:00-3:00.  Middle School track athletes may attend these practice as well but it is not mandatory

Track Practice – March 4 – 8

Monday                7:45 am    (Track meet at Hawkins)

Tuesday               7:45 am & After School until 5:00

Wednesday          7:45 am & After School until 5:00

Thursday              7:45 am

Friday                   7:45 am

Hawkins Track Meet

Date: Monday, March 4, 2019

Location: Hawkins High School

Divisions: 7th Boys, 7th Girls, 8th Boys, 8th Girls

Teams: Hawkins, Arp, Big Sandy, Tyler Heat, T.K. Gorman, Harleton, White Oak

Starting Times:  Field Events – 3:30, 2400 – 4:00, Running Events – 6:00

                                                                                  Field Events

Discus (North Ring):         8G/8B


Shot (East Ring):             7G/7B


High Jump:   7G, 8B, 7B, 8G

Long Jump (Visitor Side):   8B, 7B, 8B, 7G

Triple Jump (Home Side):  7B, 8G, 7G, 8B

Pole Vault: 7G/8G



Running Events (6:00)

4 x 100 Relay




4 x 200 Relay




1600 (7th Boys/Girls combined)

4 x 400 Relay


I anticipate this meet being over around 10:00 pm.  I would suggest sending a bottle of water, snack, and concession stand money with your son.  Like last week, athletes that are only in a field event may ride home with their parents after the conclusion of their event.  Please notify me in advance if you intend to do this and make sure I see your son with you before you leave the meet.

Athletes involved in the running events need to ride back on the bus with the team.


Track Practice – Feb. 25 – March 1

Monday           7: 45 am (Track Meet at Union Grove)

Tuesday          7:45 am & After School until 5:00

Wednesday     7:45 am  (Early Release – No After School)

Thursday         7:45 am & After School until 5:00

Friday              7:45 am